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Production of commercials,
presentation and image films


ABOUT US We make professional video
affordable for any company


We perform video projects of any complexity from the creation of the original script to editing, color grading and sound design.


We provide high quality video products at an affordable price. We have honest estimates, without hidden fees.


We save your time. We will provide a personal account manager — he/she will lead the project and help to resolve any issues.


We conclude an official contract. Coordination at each stage of work. Payment after you see the result.

Our clients

Our clients are international corporations and small start-ups, popular brands
and new names in the Belarusian market.


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WHAT WE DO We create video clips for exhibitions, presentations, new product advertising and business promotion

Presentation film

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Visualization of your company from its mission and achievements to its plans. This film will be your competitive advantage.


  • It distinguishes the company among its competitors.

  • It effectively introduces the advantages.

  • It forms corporate image of the company.



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We’ll create a video that will effectively promote your products / services: staged, graphic, animated, viral, mixed


  • It increases sales

  • It enhances product/service recognition

  • It distinguishes the brand among the competitors


Image video

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The image film creates a trusting attitude to your company. It shows its achievements, its place in the industry, it tells about your projects, products, and services.


  • It forms/creates the company's image from scratch.

  • It improves reputation in the eyes of customers/partners.

  • It distinguishes your company out at exhibitions.



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Do you need to tell about your services (goods), to show quality differences from the others? We will help you and create a promo for you.


  • It colorfully shows your advantages.

  • It attracts attention due to WOW-effect.

  • It has no restrictions in terms of duration and format.


Educational video

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Video clips for staff is an excellent opportunity to bring to attention any internal document or a set of rules in an easy and interesting form.


  • Easiness of perception and memorizing.

  • Possibility of distance learning.

  • Saving time and money.


Animation and graphics

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We create animated videos, graphics, infographics, 2D/3D graphics of any kind.


  • Graphics surprise and involve.

  • It easily and visually tells about a product/service.

  • There is no limits - total freedom of imagination.


Video clip

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We’ll create a movie, video, animated clip from the creation of the script to its processing on post-production.


  • A creative and non-trivial approach to the script.

  • Conveying the mood and the atmosphere.

  • Creating trendy visual effects.


Video shooting of events

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We’ll prepare a video report or create a video clip. We shoot events of any level, duration and location.


  • Shooting from multiple angles!

  • Providing professional lighting!

  • Recording high-quality clear sound!


Interior video

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We visualize architecture and interior of any object. We convey its unique character and atmosphere using necessary angles or by providing an appropriate story line.


  • Spectacular presentation of the object.

  • Visual demonstration of interior/building.

  • Attraction of clients and investors.


Whatever your task is, we’ll find the most effective solution for your business.



PRICES Tell us about your project
and we’ll prepare an offer according
to your purposes and budget

Send us your request for an offer, briefly describe your purposes and objectives.
We will contact you shortly to discuss all the details,
and offer various options for the script — from low-budget to premium.


Or fill in the brief and send it to

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WORK STAGES Main stages of our cooperation:
from brief and idea to the final result


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  • Script development
  • Drawing up an estimate
  • Storyboarding
  • Preparation of stage props
  • Casting
  • Selection of set/pavilion


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  • Preparation of the set/pavilion
  • Installation of equipment (sound, light, cameras)
  • Make up/costumes/scenery
  • Video shooting


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  • Editing of footage
  • Color grading
  • Sound formatting
  • Creation of 2D/3D graphics
  • Voice recording


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  • You get a video ready to be shown on TV, on the Internet and even in the cinema :)

TESTIMONIALS Letters of appreciation, certificates


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The Belorusneft company has extensive experience in cooperation with various studios in the production of advertising and presentation products.
The result of joint creativity with a private unitary enterprise for the provision of services «Action Studio» suited us.
The project manager was in touch permanently, during the work they offered us interesting ideas, took into account all our wishes and comments, were loyal to the adjustments of the finished videos, in any questions they met us halfway.
Our interests for the entire production studio group were clearly priority. Our image projects - a video about an international energy company and a video about the Belorusneft filling station network - were made at a high professional level. As a result, we can recommend Action Studio as a reliable and responsible contractor for the production of advertising and presentation video and graphic products.


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We are grateful to the Action Studio Unitary Enterprise for the high-quality and efficient work in the project on creating a commercial for Beltelecom.
We recommend Action Studio as a reliable contractor and partner in the implementation of your company's creative tasks at a high level!
Thanks to everyone who participated in this project!


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The team of «DieselPractic» Limited Liability Company expresses gratitude to Ruslan Sergey and the whole team for a cool video! We did not even expect that such a complex and boring technical topic as repair of fuel systems could be presented so interestingly. We were offered several interesting scenarios, and we settled on one of them. Further, the director's work, the camera work, and the editing work are all up to par. The video was unusual, with a twist, as we wanted. Separate gratitude from all our guys for making them «stars». Many thanks to everyone who worked on the project!


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The staff of our factory thanks you for creating a sincere film about our leader and about the enterprise. 
You reacted with such warmth and attention to the director, his fate, life history, truthfully told about the importance of this person for the whole plant and for the whole country. We were touched by your professionalism at the stage of the script, shooting, editing. And the result of our joint efforts in the form of this wonderful film will remain with the enterprise and Vasily Pavlovich - for a long memory. 
We associate further plans for creating our presentation films and advertisements only with Action Studio, and we can recommend this production studio as optimal in terms of price-quality ratio.

Swedish public employment service

Watch the video

We thank Action Studio for creating a high-quality graphic clip about our service.
Work on the video was well organized, so everything turned out exactly as we intended, and promptly.
The entire Action Studio team has shown itself to be real pros in their field.
We wish the company prosperity and many interesting projects!


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UniHelp International Charitable Public Association on behalf of all employees and wards thanks Action Studio for the invaluable contribution to saving and preserving children's lives, as well as for participating in charity projects.

OJSC "Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Factory"

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OJSC “Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Factory” expresses its gratitude to “Action Studio” for professionalism in work and efficiency in the execution of the ordered work.

Acquaintance with "Action Studio" and its services helped to put our work to an even higher quality new level.

Our advertising campaign is loved by children and adults. And all thanks to the professionalism and efficiency of "Action Studio".

Relief Society of Disabled People

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Dear Ruslan Anatolyevich!
The Relief Society Board of Relief expresses deep gratitude for participation in the charitable action "Let's warm the hearts of veterans-2017".
Your enterprise "Action Studio" was awarded with a Diploma and entered in the Relief Society's Reliefs Registry with the issuance of a certificate.
Chairman of the Society V.D. Zhuk


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The collective of the company "Energopromis" expresses gratitude to the team "Action Studio" for a wonderful presentation video about our company.

We wish Action Studio further growth and new creative tops!
With respect and hope for long-term cooperation!

UE «Paper factory» Goznak

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We are grateful to the creative team of «Action Studio» for creating a presentation film for our company, for the prompt, well-organized work on the project and for the sincere attitude.

Residential complex D3

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We are grateful to the team of Action Studio for creating a video about the residential project D3. In the process of work, all the wishes of the customer were taken into account, great attention was paid to the details, due to which we received a quality product.
We thank the whole team that participated in the creation of the video, for professionalism, efficiency and creativity. We wish Action Studio further creative successes and interesting projects.

Diploma of the partner

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A pleasant gift from the birthday celebrant, Association of Communications and Marketing Agencies of Belarus (ACMA), – a Partner’s Diploma for Action Studio.

OJSC SvetlogorskKhimvolokno

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OJSC SvetlogorskKhimvolokno" expresses gratitude to the management and creative team of Action Studio for the production of a presentation video clip about our company. We are fully satisfied with the results of cooperation with the Action Studio team. We are pleased to recommend this company as a professional manufacturer of high-quality video products!

UN in Belarus

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The UN in Belarus expresses its gratitude to Sergey Ruslan, the director of Action Studio for his commitment to leaving noone behind in achieving the goals of sustainable development and building an inclusive society in Belarus.


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Dear Ruslan Anatolyevich!

OJSC BPS-Sberbank expresses its gratitude to PUE Action Studio for the prompt execution of the assigned tasks, the quality realization of the customer's wishes, for the professionalism in video shooting of the events, and for the creation of video clips covering the target audience of the Bank.

Acting Director of Marketing and PR Department

V.A. Merkulov


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The commercial you made for our furniture shopping center is a small masterpiece. Modern, informative, memorable. And nothing in excess! Special thanks for the subtle sense of the needs of your customers. Ever yours, "Tryum")

Idea Bank

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Thank you for the video of the New Year's congratulations to the bank's corporate clients! Restrained, laconic, stylish – “Action Studio” was able to grasp our Idea accurately! Such a video would look great even on central television channels on New Year's Eve ... In a word, professionalism!


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Belarusian Republican Youth Union expresses gratitude to Action Studio for the work on creation of the "Students’ Teams" animated video.

Your team showed professionalism and creativity, managed to implement the plan in due time. The video received as the result of fruitful work contains everything that needs to be conveyed to our target audience - young, proactive people.

We are looking forward to further cooperation.


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We are very satisfied. “Action Studio” does not just shoot an object or an event: the guys helped to develop a full-fledged concept of a video clip that has become a visiting card of our company. They participated in the creation of the logo and writing the text, they themselves chose the objects that best fit the idea of the video. Now the volumes of secondary raw materials should definitely grow! Thank you)


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We express our gratitude to “Action Studio” for the work on the creation of a film that comprehensively demonstrates the activities of our enterprise. The employees professionally organized location filming in military units of the republic. Editing was carried out with lightning speed, considering the amount of working material. No single remark to the final result!

Event company

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How nice it is to work with like-minded people! It's one thing to evaluate your work subjectively, and quite another is to have a convincing video evidence that the event was held in accordance with the developed creative plan. And thanks to your support - even better! Thanks guys! Let's stick together!


Watch the video

We express our gratitude to the team of Action Studio. The video is worthy of the leading business forums and invariably provokes genuine interest among foreign partners to the enterprises of our holding, and we ourselves gain a sense of pride in our own products and, of course, in your work!


Watch the video

Dedication in work is a guarantee of successful business and a good example for others. The presentation video "Park Dubrova", created by Action Studio for foreign investors in an incredibly short time, impressed everyone. Thank you!

North China Power Engineering Co., Ltd

Watch the video

North China Electric Power Design Institute of China PowerEngineering Consulting Group thanks the team of Action Studio for their prompt and high-quality work.

We wish Action Studio further development and prosperity. We are confident that our cooperation will continue. In your company we have acquired a reliable result-oriented partner.

Best regards, Director Fan Zhiyi

Japan Tobacco International

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By this letter, FLLC Japan Tobacco International “S&D” expresses gratitude and informs that in the process of our mutually beneficial cooperation PUE Action Studio has proved to be a professional and reliable partner.

We are ready to recommend PUE Action Studio as a reliable partner in the organization and conduct of business.

Best regards, Director K.M. Fyodorov.

LLC Webcom Media

Watch the video

We thank ACTION STUDIO production company for their help in organizing and holding the "Bynet Week. Renaissance" international conference on Internet marketing. Without your support, the event would not have turned out so bright, memorable and harmonious. We are glad that in the person of your company we found like-minded people who are professionally fit to solve any problems and are ready to help under the most difficult circumstances!

We hope for further fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation!

Director of LLC Webcom Media, Tsarik S.G.

LLC Tvoya Stolitsa

Watch the video

LLC Tvoya Stolitsa expresses gratitude to PUE Action Studio for the creation of a commercial.

Flexible pricing and result-oriented work have become decisive advantages when choosing the contractor. Efficiency and high competence of the company's employees made it possible to implement the plan in short period of time.

We wish you to enjoy a continuing success and professional growth. Our company received not only a high-quality video, but also acquired a reliable partner in the field of video production.

We hope for further fruitful cooperation.

Holding Atlant-M Vostok

Watch the video

Many thanks from Holding “Atlant-M Vostok” for the well-performed work in creating an image video! Our cooperation was remembered not only thanks to the excellent result.

You are fellows, with whom it's just nice to deal with.

Association of Communications and Marketing Agencies of Belarus

Watch the video

This CERTIFICATE confirms that PUE ACTION STUDIO is a full member of the Association of Communications and Marketing Agencies of Belarus.

Minsk, May 2016

Chairman of the Board of ACMA, Alena Ustinovich


Watch the video

Dear Ruslan Anatolyevich,

OJSC Lida Milk Plant thanks you for creating a presentation video about our company. The video reflects everything that we wanted to tell about MiLida to our current and potential partners.Thanks to the professionalism of Action Studio team, a meaningful film was created reflecting our success in the production of dairy products. We are sure that it will benefit in the work to promote our products, and will serve as an incentive for the further development of the company.

Action Studio coped with the tasks in full compliance with our wishes.

Frunzensky District Administration of the city of Minsk

Watch the video

For high professionalism and active participation in socially significant events of Frunzensky District of Minsk, the gratitude of the Head of Frunzensky District Administration of the city of Minsk was announced to SERGEY Ruslan Anatolyevich, the manager of Private Unitary Enterprise for rendering services Action Studio.

Head of Frunzensky District Administration of the city of Minsk, S.V. Zheleznyak


Watch the video

Nine wonderful couples in the already established annual tradition participated in collective wedding on Minsk City Day. The celebration took place in the most beautiful place - Verhni Gorod concert hall. Action Studio was chosen for shooting the promo. How to evaluate the skill of a videographer? If you watch the movie even a few minutes long and instantly immerse in history, it is a highly professional work. Action Studio shoots just like this. The video conveys all the colors and emotions of the solemn September event. Panoramic shooting, the play of sunlight, happy people, costume action - everything is very dignified and beautifully shot. Attention to detail is what distinguishes the work of Action Studio videographers. We are very grateful to Ruslan Sergey and his team for the wonderful promo that they shot at the request of our organization.


Watch the video

Rentauto company thanks the team of Action Studio for the job well-done. After watching the commercial about the service our organization provides, we were all eager to order a transfer to National Airport Minsk-2. The impression of the video is very positive, pleasant, and benevolent. The video lasts a little over a minute, but your professional shooting allowed us to tell about the main thing during this short period of time, about what our customers are primarily interested in. A short video is simply priceless, because it captures all the advantages of Rentauto: well-maintained cars, nice, experienced and helpful drivers who accompany the client and his luggage from the entrance to the airport registration hall.

Thank you very much for your professional attitude! We will all recommend only Action Studio.

Special offer

We are partners of the business community "Club of Clients". It is a unique discount program for companies and individual entrepreneurs, preferential business offers from suppliers of goods and services in 12 key business areas.



Discount from the total cost
of the project

Free voice talent and sound engineer
work for the script in Belarusian

We would like to thank our partners from CJSC Alfa-Bank for the trust
and the opportunity to participate in an interesting and promising project!

We are partners of the credit program of CJSC MTBank. Molotok (Hammer) loan program is an interest-free loan for the current business activities with dozens of suppliers participating in the program and enjoying the possibility of lending without security or switching to servicing in MTBank.


3 months

Interest-free installments
to pay for any project

We thank our partners from CJSC MTBank for their trust
and the opportunity to participate in this interesting and promising project!

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